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The first two links are PDF files with printable patterns for making various sizes of cardboard display boxes;

The third link is to another website with other patterns and more detailed instructions:

Boxes 1 (These use separate labels)

Boxes 2 (These have built-in label supports)

Boxes 3 (The other website)

AFMS American Federation of Mineralogical Societies: the national organization.

SCFMS South Central Federation of Mineral Societies: the AFMS affiliate we belong to.

ALAA American Lands Access Association: its purpose is promoting and ensuring the right of the amateur hobby collecting, recreational prospecting and mining, and the use of public and private lands for educational and recreational purposes; and to carry the voice of all amateur collectors and hobbyists to our elected officials, government regulators and public land managers.


Arlington G&M Club

Austin G&M Society 

Central Texas G&M Society in Abilene

Chihuahuan Desert G&M Club in the Fort Davis/Alpine area

Clear Lake G&M Society in Houston

Dallas G&M Society

Gulf Coast Gem & Mineral Society in Corpus Christi

Fort Worth G&M Club

Houston G&M Society

Lubbock G&M Society

Midland G&M Society

Paleontological Society of Austin For rockhounds interested in fossils.

Pine Country G&M Society in Jasper

Piney Woods G&M Society in Huntsville

Pleasant Oaks G&M Club in Dallas

Southwest G&M Society in San Antonio

Texas Faceters Guild

Tri-Cities G&M Society, in Temple

Victoria G&M Society

Waco G&M Club

Williamson County G&M Society in Georgetown

Fredericksburg Nature Center a few miles south of Fredericksburg

Riverside Nature Center in Kerrville

For clubs outside Texas, visit this Bob's Rock Shop page

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