Enchanted Rocks and Jewelry A friendly, well-stocked shop in Llano, Texas: a resurrection of the old Llano Uplift Rock Shop. They have everything from rough material and slabs to handmade jewelry, gold prospecting equipment, fancy rugs, and more. Owned and operated by FR members Frank Rowell and Patti Felts.

     Bob's Rock Shop Not really a shop—it's a free online magazine and reference source, with tons of info and links for rockhounds.

     Show dates at Rock & Gem magazine's web site. We put mostly Texas shows in our newsletters, but their list is nationwide and even includes some foriegn shows.

     Diamond Dan Publications Fun publications for young mineral collectors, mineral clubs, scouts and teachers.

     Mineralogy Resource Guide for Kids An introduction to minerals, with links to educational articles about minerals and mineral descriptions.

     Geology Kitchen A twelve episode online video series that uses food metaphors to explain earth science concepts in a fun and entertaining way.  The videos are free and can be either watched online or downloaded from iTunes. Educators are encouraged to use these videos in class.

     My Jewelry Box articles: Many informative articles, including Jewelry Crafts for Kids, Understanding Mineral Hardness, The Ancient History of Amber, Ring of Fire and Volcano Facts, Legendary Treasure Locations, How to Become a Jewelry Designer, How to Clean & Store Jewelry, and a large variety of other topics.

     Geology and Planetary Science: Website of Robert Beauford, son of FR member Ed Beauford. He's a geologist, anthropologist, and jewelry craftsman. His website covers all of these interests.

     Guide to Diamonds, Rocks, and Minerals A really comprehensive educational site by Casoro Jewelry Safes. Suggested by Courtney Phillips, one of the volunteer mentors at After School Care Programs, in El Paso County, Colorado; her class is working on a rocks and minerals project.

     Gemstone Guru Your Guide to Gemstones Online." Anyone interested in gemstones will find this website useful. The owner of the website invites gemology experts to give feedback, such as article suggestions, guest writers and even constructive criticism.

The Corunduminium: If you're interested in corundum (ruby, sapphire, etc) then Will Heierman's site is the place to visit!

     The Vug "All Things Mineralogical Online." Includes a "Fakes & Forgeries" link to a list of scams and fakes that appear in the mineral collecting market.

     The Ganoksin Project They have a substantial library of articles, publications, etc. on gem and jewelry related topics, including galleries, member blogs and forums, and free downloadable PDF copies of rare metalsmithing books.

     Fluorescents.com A website with fluorescent images and info about the Purple Passion mine and other sites in Arizona. Includes a catalog of high quality affordable UV lamps.

     Mindat.org "The largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet."

     Mineralogy Database contains over 4700 individual mineral species: photos, detailed descriptions, and audio pronunciations.

     The Mineralogical Record "The mineral collectors knowledge base— a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips."

     Free gemology course Presented by Barbara Smigel. A no-cost, no credit version of the internet course that she teaches at Community College of Southern Nevada (CCSN), where she’s an Emeritus Professor.

     Diamond Clarity Scale Chart: Shows buyers how to maximize their investment when choosing a diamond, and provides examples where gems with a lower grade are actually more attractive to the naked eye.

     Discovering Fossils: An interesting fossil website in England, which we stumbled upon while Googling for Echinoid info.